The RAS Logger System

What's this?

The RAS Logger System is a logging system for RAS (Dial-Up & VPN) and printers. Using The RAS Logger System you can view and analyse your traffic (including number of bytes transmitted, date etc) and also how many pages were printed on your printer. Thus, you can check your provider invoices and/or plan buying of new printer cartridges.

Why The RAS Logger System?

How does it work?

After you've installed The RAS Logger System, you got completely working product - there's no need to calibrate it. Now, after hanging up a dialup or VPN connection you are getting a friendly baloon with statistics (watch screenshots). To view complete log of previous connections, just click Start => Programs => Ras Logger 3 => Log Viewer


System requirements

Install instructions

  1. Download installer here
  2. Extract the contents of this file somewhere
  3. Run Setup.exe
  4. Folow the instructions on the screen


Users: The RAS Logger System v3.0 (28.08.2004) - main location

Developers: The RAS Logger System Sources v3.0 (28.08.2004) - kernel (RasLogger), Reports Analyzer (LogViewer)

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Support and contacts

Email: (change _HA_ to @ - it's spam protection)

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